Expectation. Hope.

I used to like to tell myself “Wait and Hope”. Now, I understand that was not ‘Wait’, it was ‘Anticipate’; that was not ‘Hope’, it was ‘Expectation’. The difference? ‘Wait’ means you try your best, do what should be done and leave it to the upper hand willingly. ‘Anticipate’ means you think, you plan, you do what it takes to get you there. ‘Hope’ means looking forward, you know the future awaits, the good, the bad and the ugly; no matter what, there will be another tomorrow. ‘Expectation’ means you think the future should be the image in your mind.

Don’t anticipate. Truly wait. Life is hard,  and will eventually give you what you deserve.

Don’t grab expectation with a determined mind. Truly holding on hope with the geniune heart.

Once again and as always, “all human wisdom is contained in these two words – Wait and Hope.” – Alexandre Dumas



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