The End. The Beginning…

People say ” the darker the night, the brighter the stars “. Yes.  But as in this very moment, as I am in my darkest peroid in my life so far, where are my stars?

I made a mistake, a horrible one. One that will change my life forever. One i will regret for the rest of my life. People say ” Time heals almost everything, give it time “. Oh well… still ‘almost’, isn’t it? I lost him. I lost myself as well. The truth is I do not know who am I? what I am doing here? why I am doing here anymore? did I used to know? maybe not.

I am on my own eventually. Maybe everyone is anyway. It turned out that understanding yourself and talking to yourself is not an easy task, sometimes even too scary to do so. I know now. So i started to write to myself again to find myself back, find love back, find him back. Don’t say ‘good luck’ to me. Luck won’t help. What will? I do not know…


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